One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers.

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One Generation Away

What is One Generation Away doing during this heightened season of need, and what can you do to help?

We have increased the number of our regular mobile food distributions adding locations near the hardest hit by the recent tornados (Mobile Pantries). 

We are providing emergency food boxes to children/teens who rely on their schools for breakfast and lunch five days a week.

These are two examples of the many things OneGenAway is doing to meet our neighbors’ basic need for healthy food. You can help us continue this work by making a donation. Together we can make an incredible difference. Click here to donate.

Everyone in America should have access to healthy, good food.

OneGenAway is a non-profit 501(c)3 that works to bring fresh, healthy food directly to people in need. We strive to eliminate food deserts in the low income neighborhoods in America.

Food deserts are defined as parts of the country where citizens lack access to fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy whole foods due to lack of grocery stores, lack of transportation, and economic hardship.

We serve the home-bound elderly, school children, the working poor of our country, and more.

We do this by rescuing food seven days a week from local grocery stores and restaurants such as, Whole Foods, Costco, GFS, Publix, Outback Steakhouse, Aldi, and many others.

Then, each month, OneGenAway, with the help of many volunteers, brings food right to neighborhoods in need by arriving with truckloads of good food… mobile food pantries… delivered right to the streets of neighbors in need on Saturday mornings all around Middle Tennessee and beyond.

YOU can join us by volunteering to help us serve food at an upcoming food distribution.

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Mobile Pantry

15,000-25,000 lbs. of food will be dropped off in a parking lot, where volunteers will be waiting to sort and distribute it all to our neighbors in need. We pride ourselves on providing fresh and healthy foods, as well as things that are easily prepared and cooked. We do not ask questions or have requirements for people who can receive food.

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Upcoming Events

Williamson County

August 8, 2020 @ 9:00a - 11:00a (or until resources run out)

Johnson Elementary, 815 Glass Lane, TN 37064 United States - Map

Davidson County

August 15, 2020 @ 9:00a - 11:00a (or until resources run out)

Plaza Mariachi, 3955 Nolensville Pk, TN 37211 United States - Map

Davidson County

August 22, 2020 @ 9:00a - 11:00a (or until resources run out)

Maplewood High School, 401 Walton Lane, TN 37216 United States - Map

Free Food Distribution

Health Services

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All families welcome | No Registration Required

Disaster Relief

Natural Disasters cause crisis. Hurricanes like Harvey and Maria cause billions of dollars in damage and thousands of people are displaced. The national guard is called in and the news is flooded with images of devastation and the heroic acts of first responders. But once the reporters leave, and FEMA has done their initial work, the incredible need of the people impacted by natural disasters persists.

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We Need Volunteers!

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Our Partners

We are so grateful for all our partners and want to say thank you for all your support in feeding our community.

We welcome and encourage your partnership. There are several ways you can partner with us.
To have your logo on our trucks:
Give $400.00 a month for 12 months
Or $5,000 in a calendar year or sponsor one of our fundraiser events.
For more information please call our office at 615-538-7413.