One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families that currently do not have adequate access to food due to economic, social, and physical barriers.

One Generation Away

A One Generation Away volunteer holds asparagus at a mobile food pantry distribution in Franklin, Tennessee at Centennial High School in 2022. Photo credit goes to Kris Orlowski.

Everyone in America should have access to healthy food.

OneGenAway is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to eliminate food insecurity by bringing healthy food to people in need.

Individuals and families experience food insecurity when they do not have access to enough food to live a healthy lifestyle, largely due to economic constraints. In America, 1 in 10 households experience food insecurity. At the same time, 30% to 40% of America’s food supply goes to waste.

OneGenAway seeks to rescue high-quality food from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and farms before it goes to waste. That food is then given to our neighbors in need.

OneGenAway accomplishes this by partnering with local agencies to bring food to places of need and by operating a mobile food pantry every Saturday with the help of volunteers. At these food distributions, anyone can come and receive food, no questions asked.

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Mobile Pantry

We bring 20,000-30,000 pounds of food to a parking lot, where volunteers sort and distribute it all to our neighbors in need. We pride ourselves on providing fresh and healthy foods, as well as items that are easily prepared and cooked. We do not ask questions or have requirements for those receiving food.

A young volunteer puts bread into a shopping cart at a One Generation Away mobile food pantry distribution in Ashland City Tennessee. Photo credit goes to Kris Orlowski.

Upcoming Distributions

Davidson County

August 6, 2022 @ 9:00a-10:30a

Nashville State Community College, 120 White Bridge Rd, Tennessee 37209 United States - Map

Humphreys County

August 13, 2022 @ 9:00a-10:30a

Dollar Tree Lot, 515 W Main St, Tennessee 37185 United States - Map

Madison County

August 13, 2022 @ 9:00a-10:30a

Hazel Green High School, 14380 US-231, Alabama 35750 United States - Map

All are welcome | No registration required | Rain or shine

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters put communities in crisis. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can cause billions of dollars in damage and displace entire neighborhoods from their homes. The national guard is called in, and the news is flooded with images of devastation and the heroic acts of first responders. But once the reporters leave, and FEMA has done their initial work, the need persists. That’s when we come in.

Volunteer with us!

Our Partners

We are so grateful for all of our partners. Thank you for all your support in feeding our community!