Jammin for One Gen Away


From his 1997 self-titled debut through 2012’s star-studded Pure, Michael Lington has wowed, seduced and surprised his fans continuously with infectious melodies, rich emotion, funky grooves and a powerful innate force that can only be described as Soul Appeal – the name of his career and consciousness shifting new album. Now that the urban jazz superstar has gone mainstream, he’s full steam ahead like no one’s ever heard him before, blazing a fresh, innovative road for himself with a freewheeling immersion into the heart of the 60’s and 70’s Memphis Soul vibe.

All of the beloved saxophonist’s seven previous acclaimed recordings, countless hit radio singles and hundreds of awe inspiring live performances over the past 15 years are now simply prelude to the fresh energy and live excitement he created on the new CD produced by Barry J. Eastmond. When he’s not recording or performing, Lington manages his own cigar company, Michael Lington Cigars, and he recently launched Lington Wines (lingtonwines.com), his own boutique line of red and white wines out of Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast.

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